What is the Tool?

Animoto is an online video editing and creating tool. It allows the user to create a video (length depends on which version of animoto being used) by compiling pictures, recordings, text and music. Themes can be applied to each video that can be chosen from a vast library of themes (depending on version of animoto).

How can it be used in the Classroom?

Animoto has various ways it could be incorporated into a classroom. To begin with the 30 second videos can be used as a visual hook for the beginning of a lesson. This intro video will allow teachers to recap their previous lessons or introduce new topics to their students. Animoto can then be used as a presentation tool allowing a classroom to move away from the traditional powerpoint or poster presentations.

How does it support the Curriculum? 

In regards to the curriculum Animoto is able to be used for several outcomes. Looking at the outcome we have chosen to highlight — CR 6.1 — students would be able to take sections of the readings done in class and create a video highlighting major events/changes to characters.

How may it support Digital Citizenship?

When it comes to supporting digital citizenship Animoto does a great job. The tool allows educators to make the internet a constant part of the classroom. Manufacturing videos that are located online creates a platform for an educator to talk about internet safety and what students would to be traced back to them.


  • easy to use
  • large number of stock images, themes and songs on free version
  • provides a new way to present information
  • Can be given a teacher rate through application



  • cost
  • 30 second videos on free version

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