Bitstrips for Schools

What is the tool?

The tool I am examining is Bitstrips for schools.

How could you use it in the classroom?

This tool can be used in most subjects for students to do certain activities in a way that utilizes technology. Usually computers or some form of multimedia device is available for students to use in the classroom.

How does it support the curriculum?

It holds many curriculum connections in many different subjects.  It is very easy to run through it with the curriculum open and find activities that relate to the area you are trying to hit.

How might it be used to support digital citizenship?

We can publish all comics to the bitstrips page which allows other classes to see samples of your work.  It helps to show students how to responsibly put themselves out into the digital community.  The avatar is a great way to give the students a visual of themselves actually being put out into the digital world.


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